A Chantal tea kettle is known for its dramatic color and innovative design. The company was established in 1979 and makes not only tea kettles but also cookware and other kitchen accessories. The company offers several different styles of tea kettles with some of the styles winning awards for design, quality, technology and value. Different styles come in different colors but all of them are beautiful. The cobalt blue color is dazzling and a tea kettle in this color will be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Best copper tea kettle But the colors do not stop there. They also come in platinum, chili red, onyx, curry yellow, garden green, fiesta green and white. The colors are fun, dramatic and bold. The styles are classic and contemporary making it easy to find one to accentuate your kitchen d├ęcor. Some of the models are available in all stainless and in copper while others are available in enamel on steel. Prices range from around forty dollars to around one hundred and fifty dollars.

There is even a personal Chantal kettle that is great for one or two people and akes three cups of water. All the tea kettles whistle when the water is boiling and ready to use and you can use the kettles not only for making hot tea, but for coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea and hot cereal.

Chantal was founded in 1979 by Heidi Thurlow who initially designed all of Chantal’s products. She was trained as an engineer and has the distinction of being the first woman in the United States to launch and run a cookware company. In addition to tea kettles, the company offers cookware, bake ware and other kitchen accessories like mugs, canisters and tea infusers. Their line of enamel on steel cookware provides a chemical free, energy efficient and naturally stick resistant way to cook on any stovetop. All of the cookware is specially designed to go from freezer to stove to table; and from there, directly into the dishwasher. Chantal bakeware comes in striking shades and an array of shapes and sizes. best copper kettle The colors include cobalt blue, cinnabar, garden green, white and red. Their mugs are just as colorful as the Chantal kettles and they are made to last. The non porous glaze does not react with flavors and they stay cool for easy handling.

The company also offers special collections that include not only a Chantal tea kettle but also many other useful pieces like pie dishes, rectangular baking dishes, mixing bowls, ramekin sets and tea cups. You can find Chantal products online and it is always best to check around for the best prices. Be certain to make sure that the seller offers returns and a warranty. You really cannot go wrong with Chantal’s innovative designs and durable products. Many people who have owned a Chantal tea kettle and their other products have said that the products still look the same after many years of use.